The Electroimpact FlexRiveter is a low cost, all electric flexible riveting machine capable of installing a wide range of fasteners. Quick change tooling allows operators to switch between fastener types in 30 seconds.

Lower Ram All Electric

  • Clampup pneumatic adjustable 0-1200 lbf
  • Clear opening is 150mm with lower tool in place
  • Load cell to control and measure upset
  • Roller screw servoed 18 kip max, stroke 180mm, can install 5/16" dia 2017 rivets and 1/4" dia 7050 rivets
  • Lower tool two 16mm bolt attachment, becomes solid for bolt insertion, manual rotation

Upper Ram All Electric

  • Matching roller screw to lower for bolt insertion up to 5/8, stroke 150mm
  • Ram rotates 30 degrees to accept the rivet
  • Electroimpact patented air gap sensor to prevent panel damage from laid down rivets
  • Upper riveting tool attaches with Schunk Vero

Upper Pressure Foot Bushing

  • Moving upper pressure plate 10mm stroke
  • Bushing height 50mm
  • Manual Rotation

Spindle All Electric

  • Fischer SD60124 drill spindle with pneumatic drawbar for HSK40
  • Spindle provides 10 Ntm continuous torque to HSK40 tooling can drill 3/4" in aluminum
  • Liquid cooled spindle
  • Max RPM 18000
  • Spindle stroke is 110mm
  • Boelube headstone spray lube
  • Chip blower


  • Throat depth 1.1m adjusted to meet your requirements


  • Siemens PLC
  • Power 400VAC 3ph

Unique and Flexible Hopper Feed System

  • 30 degree ramp angle
  • Fingers rotates to a 30 degree angle to match the hopper ramp angle
  • Minimum grip rivet that can be fed is 4.5 (0.28”)
  • Fastener feed is not impeded by reverse shingling due to the in-line injection feature
  • Maximum length of bolt that can be fed is 2" pintail
  • Hopper changer allows six different hoppers to be mounted and manually or auto selected
  • Wide variety of fasteners can be automatically fed and installed


  • Laseraim laser dot
  • Push pedal to insert fastener

Chip Vacuum

  • Dry vacuum
  • Shutoff valve to allow Boelube spray


  • Cost to purchase is $500,000 complete with tooling
  • Less than the cost to refurbish an old-fashioned hydraulic riveter
  • Lease to own

Contact Electroimpact for more information: Sales@electroimpact.com