About Us

Electroimpact is a highly experienced provider of factory automation and tooling solutions. Our forte is the integration of automation and tooling into synergistic production solutions. We have a full-time staff of hands-on design engineers which is second to none in the industry. This allows for us to have an attention to detail which our competitors simply don't have the depth of talent to match, and also enables us to resolve issues very quickly for our customers as they arise. Furthermore we are situated on a campus which includes multiple very large high-bay construction and buyoff facilities featuring cranes with up to 40 metric ton lifting capacity, as well as several smaller buildings. This allows us the flexibility of taking-on multiple very large projects at one time.

This unique approach has resulted in Electroimpact growing to become the largest integrator of aircraft assembly lines in the world. Our customer base includes Airbus, Boeing, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Fuji Heavy Industries, Spirit Aerospace, Vought, Northrop-Grumman, Israeli Aircraft Industries, Xi’an Aircraft of China, Bombardier, and Embraer among others. Electroimpact is as well-versed in smaller product solutions as we are in some of the largest tooling jobs in the world.

Electroimpact’s mission is to be the premier supplier of automated equipment to the worldwide aircraft industry. To do this, we will hire the best people and remove all barriers which would prevent them from doing the best job they can.

Electroimpact is an engineer-driven company. We are able to maintain continuity throughout the project process because the same engineer is involved in every stage of the project, from initial planning and development, to final assembly, tooling setting and buyoff. The engineer that designs the tool or machine also is responsible for detailed drawings, coordinating manufacturing, assembly, and any tooling setting or machine alignment. This minimizes the disconnects that happen at a typical company with an engineer, drafter, manufacturer, and assembler.

Electroimpact is a company of over 500 professionals dedicated to the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art aircraft assembly equipment. The company is extremely proud of the fact that over 350 of our employees have engineering degrees.

Electroimpact was founded in June of 1986 by Peter Zieve, PHD. Located in the shadow of the Boeing Corporation's Everett Plant, Electroimpact started its life primarily as a supplier of machine tools to Boeing. But over the years Electroimpact has gradually expanded its business overseas to act as a major supplier for other major aerospace companies such as Airbus, and Israeli Aircraft Industries.

Electroimpact's main campus, and head office is located in Mukilteo, Washington USA. However, to better serve our customers, Electroimpact has established a large satellite office in the UK with over 100 engineers and has full time staff in many other countries where we have sold equipment to better support our customer base."