Specialty Robot Systems

Electroimpact custom designs aerospace automation solutions from the ground up. Our extensive experience will be applied to every aspect of the system; therefore, contacting us at the beginning stages of your project is critical to achieving optimum production operations.

Unique Solutions

Engaged Engineers

Reliable Systems

Some of Electroimpact's specialty robots:

  • Patented Stereovision technology that accurately locates fastener in 3D space
  • Locate, seal, inspect, feed, and collar in confined spaces including rib pockets
  • Improved sealant application quality with real-time inspection data generation
  • Improved flow time by collaring concurrently with the automated drill and fill processes

Tool Changing

One of Electroimpact's automatic tool changing (ATC) projects was for Boeing's 737 Spar Assembly Line in Renton, WA. Ten machine tools, each with two on-board 6-axis robots, drill and fasten airplane structural components. The robots change 100% of the process tooling (drill bits, bolt anvils, hole probes, and nose pieces) to allow seamless transition across the entire range of hole and fastener sizes (3/16" - 7/16").

  • Fully-automated, robotic tool change
  • Designs include on-board (travel with another machine tool) and stand-alone
  • KUKA and FANUC robots
  • Simulation and programming using KUKA.WorkVisual and FANUC ROBOGUIDE

Material Handling
  • Integration of KUKA robots and vision systems to perform material handling
  • Simulation and programming using KUKA Sim Pro
  • Experience working in class 1 division 2 explosive environments


The Electroimpact perforator robotic system offers high dynamic performance and a small machine footprint for a relatively low cost. The system is designed to require minimal human input through automation of tool management, dual working zones, and intuitive display of the machine's real-time performance.

  • Flexibility achieved via a small end effector envelope
  • Low cost in comparison to a gantry-style machine of similar capability
  • Small machine footprint and large work envelope