Laser trackers rentals can help you with big CNC machine and tooling installing projects.

Laser Tracker Rentals and More

Electroimpact offers 35 laser trackers for rent, including models from Hexagon Metrology (Leica), FARO and API. We also have a wide variety of tracker stands, nests, SMRs, scalebars and other tooling as well as other instruments for rent.

Electroimpact-designed equipment

We’ve been building and installing giant CNC machines for decades. Naturally we have formed some opinions about how certain things should be done, developed our own techniques and some of our own software for optimizing processes. We’ve also designed some of our own tracker tooling, including tracker stands, specialty stands and nests. We install a foundation reference system with each of our major systems and we have evolved the design through 6 generations to make them easier to use and install. See Electroimpact designed metrology equipment that may help you with your next project.

Our FRS monuments are designed for a high ball-mount position and feature easy installation and a locking lid.

Custom engineered metrology equipment

Many jobs require special solutions. Here we can design and fabricate unique metrology equipment to address particular problems. Call us to see what solutions we can engineer for you.

Scalebars are essential for laser tracker health checks and are available for rental along with trackers.
Custom stand extension enables angled mounting of instrument.

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