Global 7000/8000 Positioning System


Electroimpact developed a state-of-the-art automated positioning system (APS) for the Bombardier Global 7000/8000 final assembly line (FAL). The FAL consists of three work centers: wing-to-wing join, joined wing to center fuselage join, and forward and aft fuselage join. Within each work center are precisely coordinated multi-axis manipulators complimented by an integrated metrology system.

Aircraft components are positioned using laser tracker feedback. A dedicated metrology PC and custom software in conjunction with Spatial Analyzer automates laser tracker measurements and transform calculations, which are then fed into the APS PLC allowing the operator to move the measured part(s) into position. Communications between the metrology PC and the APS PLC is automated. The custom human machine interface (HMI) is informative, user-friendly, and allows for non-specialized operators. For safety, all moves are automated, hold-to-run commands. Siemens wireless SIMATIC Mobile Panel technology was used to allow for maximum operator flexibility within work zones.

During the build process, several rigid-body motions of over-constrained parts is necessary. To prevent damage to the parts, precise coordination between the APS axes is essential. All driven axes include monitoring of position and load for error checking and prevention of damage to aircraft components.

Components are conveyed from work center to work center using the ATLAS (Aircraft Transportation Linear Actuation System). ATLAS is a cradle type system that lifts the aircraft by its wings and transports it down the FAL. It runs on subfloor beds protected by flip floors, which allow for a clean, flush-to-floor surface. Safety interlocks prevent out-of-sequence operations between the ATLAS and the APS.

Design of the APS was coordinated with Electroimpact’s Mobile Accurate Robot for joint automation along the FAL.


  • Integrated laser tracker metrology
  • Metrology based join
  • Simple, user-friendly HMI allowing for non-specialized operators
  • 63 positioner servo axes (maximum of 24 in a single work center)
  • Integrated conveyance system for pulsing the line
  • Siemens wireless SIMATIC Mobile Panel technology
  • Siemens Technology PLC
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