Airbus A340 E4100 Wing Panel Machines

Electroimpact supplied Airbus in the UK with a wing panel assembly cell for the A340-500/-600 aircraft. The cell incorporates four E4100 wing riveting machines for upper and lower panel assembly. These machines attach stringers to wing panels and install a portion of the buttstrap fasteners. Electroimpact provided six automated wing panel holding fixtures, three for upper panels and three for lower panels, each with the flexibility to hold both port and starboard segments of the panel.

The A340-600 wing panel assembly system is a third generation “in jig” wing panel automated assembly system. Wing panel assembly components such as stringers, panels, splice plates and reinforcements are located and fastened under CNC control in these automated cells. Previous systems consist of a series of dedicated wing panel fixtures lined in a row and serviced by one or more traveling yoke assembly machines. The A340-600 LVER system follows the basis of this concept with the introduction of a new innovative part fixture concept based on the “popping post”. The popping post fixtures provide increased functionality, full automatic set-up and operation all in a smaller footprint than would be required with conventional wing panel jigs.

The E4100 is a second-generation five-axis dual trunnion yoke machine. The solid yoke machine allows complete five-axis capability within the wing panel envelope while maintaining precision alignment between the skin and stringer side heads. Process capability includes slug rivet and lock bolt installation, with and without cold working.