Automatic Spar Assembly Tool 6

Boeing 767

The Boeing 767 ASAT 6 spar manufacturing cell represents the next step in the evolution of Boeing spar manufacturing. After 1000 aircraft and the award of the KC-390 contract, it was time to retire the ASAT 1 system. ASAT 6 capitalizes on the process development on the 777 ASAT5 machines and incorporates an innovative 100 foot free span beam fixture and a monolithic machine/fixture bed. The result is a significantly simplified super structure, a very stable machine/fixture interface and highly reliable process. Installation was simplified as the fully assembled 100’ free span beam was shipped, intact, from the assembly floor in Mukilteo to the Boeing plant in Everett.

ASAT6 takes advantage the highly reliable Fanuc 30i model b controller. The 30i controls both machine carriages, the fixture, and the fastener feed system, all without any secondary PLC’s to improve reliability. Each carriage is fitted with identical op stations permitting operation from either carriage. The control architecture was designed from the outset for harvesting data from all aspects of the process, including quality and OEE data, enabling significant in process inspection and a robust continuous improvement program.

ASAT 6 incorporates a visually managed, high capacity fastener feed system, which includes nearly 100 variants of titanium lock bolts, protruding head titanium radius lead in bolts and aluminum slug rivets, and the associated swage collars and self-sealing nuts.

ASAT 6 represents a big step in spar manufacturing efficiency and an even bigger step for the 767 program.

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