E3000 Vertical Spar Riveting Machine


The E3000 was developed for Boeing and Electroimpact's line of Automatic Spar Assembly Tools.

  • Fasten chord to web to build wing spar
  • DA locate rib posts and stiffeners and fasten to chords and web
  • Fasteners automatically fed and installed: BD,VT,WR,VR,UD,BK,TN
  • Integrated with one-up assembly fixture
  • BUCA probe integrated with the Fanuc CNC
  • Tape scales and temperature compensation provides accurate DA hole drilling
Tools and sensors
  • Drill spindle (link to article)
  • EMR (link to article)
  • EMB (link article)
  • BUCA probe (link to article)
  • Hole probe (link to article)
  • Fastener feed system (link to article)

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