Automation Integration

Electroimpact is continually evolving to achieve optimized production workflow. Key elements contributing to our success and that of our customers include lights out manufacturing, automated inspection, easily operable AGVs for smooth workpiece flow, and a single Siemens controller to ensure reliability and combat obsolecense.

Lights Out Manufacturing

  • Key production processes are executed autonomously, without the need for lights or manual labor
  • Personnel are facilitators and practice quality control and assurance
  • Can be achieved on varying levels
FRCMC Robots


Automated Inspection

  • Lights out capability
  • In-process inspection

Workpiece Flow

  • Optimize new factory layout for production operations or integrate new processes with existing infrastructure
  • Design tool movement plans and equipment, such as AGVs
  • Provide simple, customized operation systems
Simatic HMI Tablet from Siemens
AGV Pathways

Single Siemens Controller

  • The EI accurate robot utilizes a single Siemens controller to operate all aspects of the system
  • Provides superior reliability and performance
  • Requires minimal training
  • Well-established supplier with excellent product support no threat of obsolecense

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