Lift and Mobile Platform

The EI Lift and Mobile Platform is a mobile elevating workstation used for aircraft assembly, designed to support the use of an Electromagnetic Riveting (EMR) System and provide a safer working environment. The EI Lift and Mobile Platform improves worker safety by eliminating the need for ladders, scaffolding and flip doors. It improves ergonomics by eliminating the stooping and stretching associated with using the fixtures. It also helps to meet efficiency goals by providing a platform which can hold a complete set of tools and fasteners within the operators reach.

The EI Lift and Mobile Platform has space for several workers, tools, cabinets, an EMR system and other equipment. The platform has a two foot cantilever "reach" so that it can bring the operator close into the wing, while an overhead gantry supports heavy tools via a tool balancer. Vertical rise is achieved by a heavy duty scissors lift and the entire machine is mounted on rails for x-axis travel.

The EI Lift and Mobile Platform has been used for pickup riveting, shaving, inspection, cold working with HUCK tools, and other operations in panel pickup stations and wing boxes.


  • 120 volt outlets
  • 100 PSI dry and lubricated air quick disconnects with a ball valve shutoff
  • Overhead fluorescent lamp
  • Optional second lamp mounted to front rail
    • Enclosed in 1/4" acrylic tube
    • Provides light from below work area
    • Reduces shadows caused by overhead lamp
  • Edge switches along the platform and full length of the gantry for collision prevention
  • EMR gun system
    • EMR suspension from the gantry via a tool balancer trolley for independent x-axis gun movement
    • Thumb switch controls on the EMR gun for gantry and platform control
  • Steering box for x-axis, platform and lift control when the EMR is not being used
  • Easily adjustable front railing
  • Manual down valve for use in the event of a power failure
  • Kick plates and perforated metal screens for tool drop prevention
  • Electromagnet door lock activates when lift is raised
  • Scissor lift bellows surround
  • Above-platform mounted fan
  • Keyed raise switch and a manual down valve located on the base

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