The Electroimpact AFP Group has experience with a long list of materials that include thermoset slit-tape-tow pre-pregs and towpregs, various thermo-plastic types and dry-fiber. We even handle some non-carbon/glass based materials that we cannot yet list. We are continually working with suppliers to develop their material to work with our AFP process and we modify our process to meet the needs of their materials. If you do not see the material you are currently using and want to know if we can handle it or if you want to test a material on our equipment, please contact us at

ACGIM7/MTM45-1OOA  145 
ACGIM7/MTM45-1OOA  145 
Cytec5250-4Thermoset (BMI)    
Cytec5320-1/T40-800OOA  145 
Cytec5320-1FI/IM7 145/33 OOA  145 
CytecECFThermosetBMS8-413ECF, Carbon Scrim Backer 905 resin
Cytec Solvay977-2     
Cytec Solvay977-3     
Hexcel AS4 / 8552Thermoset  190 
Hexcel HiTapeDry Fiber  240 
Hexcel HiTapeDry Fiber  252 
Hexcel HiTapeDry Fiber  285 
HexcelIM7 12K/8552-1Towpreg   178 
HexcelIM7/8552-1Thermoset  145 
HexcelIM7G/8552-1Thermoset  190 
HexcelM21E/34%/UD134/IMA-12KThermoset  134 
HexcelM21E/34%/UD194/IMA-12KThermoset  194 
HexcelM21E/34%/UD268/IMA-12KThermoset  268 
HexcelM56/35%/UD268/IM7-12KThermoset IM7268M56
MITSUBISHIK13C2UThermoset  190 
ParkE-752-LT Thermoset  145 
SolvayTX1100/TX1105Dry Fiber  190 
Solvay (Cytec)APC (PEI) Thermoplastic AS4 12K PEI
Solvay (Cytec)APC PEKK/AS4DThermoplastic AS4D145PEKK
Specialty Materials, Inc.Type 5521 Boron Prepreg TapeThermoset    
TeijinKMS-6115GThermoset  190 
TeijinTenax-E TPUD PEEK-2-34Thermoplastic IMS65 P12 24k190PEEK
Toray Thermoset   Toray 3960
TorayFGF1080/3900-2 (Fiberglass)Fiberglass, thermoset resinBMS8-331glass  
TorayT700G-12K/#2510 OOA  180 
TorayT800-SC: 193/35% P2352W-19-006Thermoset  193 
TorayT-800SC-24K-10E (P2362W-19-BMS 8-276)ThermosetBMS8-276 190Toray 3900
Toray (Tencate)TC1200 PEEK/AS4Thermoplastic AS4146PEEK
Toray (Tencate)TC1225 LM PAEK/T700GC-12KThermoplastic T700GC-12K134PAEK
Toray (Tencate)TC1225 LM PAEK/T700GC-12KThermoplastic T700GC-12K145PAEK
Toray (Tencate)TC1225 LM PAEK/T700GC-12KThermoplastic T700GC-12K194PAEK
Toray (Tencate)TC1320 PEKK/AS7Thermoplastic AS7 12K194PEKK
VictrexAE250 PEEKThermoplastic IM7 12K149PEEK
VictrexVICTREX AE250 Thermoplastic AS7 12K192PEEK

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