Each development cell features a flexible work environment

  • Laser Enclosure
  • Flexible Workspace
  • Modular Rotator
  • Frequent use of customer tools
  • Automated inspection
  • Modular Rotator
  • Use Customer and Electroimpact custom layup tools

Electroimpact Composite Development Cell

  • Work Envelope 84"H x 298"W x 950"L
  • Machine supports all Electroimpact Process Heads

Robotic Composite Automation Development Environment

  • Robot Motion platform with X axis
  • Robot supports most Electroimpact Process Heads

Research and Development

  • Materials Research
  • Test Programs
  • Process Development
  • Custom Equipment

Production Planning and Feasibility Studies

  • Production layup part programing
  • Simulations using digital twins
  • Layup tool concept review
  • Test builds

Customer Support

  • Process Engineering
  • Part Programing
  • Production Technical Support
  • Machine Maintenance

Contact Electroimpact for more information: Sales@electroimpact.com