AT930 Laser tracker is used to compensate CNC machine.

Electroimpact Metrology Services

Services include tool building, machine building, machine calibration, Nadcap accredited inspections, reference system installation and valuation and consulting with respect to large scale 3D metrology.

Electroimpact Metrology Experience

Electroimpact has been building precision tooling and automation for the aerospace industry since 1986. We bought our first laser tracker in 1996 and have been honing our large scale 3d metrology skills ever since.

We have exceptional experience when it comes to precision bed setting for large machines (we have set beds as long as 175m), and large multi-axis CNC machine calibration. Our Accurate Robots have galvanized a revolution in aerospace applications for robots due to their remarkable accuracy.

Building tooling for very large wings such as for the 777x and A380 requires best practices for large scale 3D metrology and given us long practice in meeting stringent requirements for accuracy and traceability.

Let us apply our metrology and engineering expertise to help solve your problems!

Area of Operations

Although our headquarters are in Mukilteo, Washington and we have spent many hours in factories in Everett, Seattle, Renton, Fredrickson and throughout the Pacific Northwest we also travel the world. Favorite spots include Hawarden, Deeside, UK (near Broughton) and Colomiers, France (near Tolouse) where we have significant engineering and metrology teams. We also have small offices or have done extensive work in Charleston, SC, Wichita, KS, St. Louis, MO, Sao Paulo (Brazil), Bristol (UK), Toronto (Canada), Melbourne (Australia), Xi'an (China), Nagoya (Japan) and have completed installations in many other domestic and foreign locations. Have laser tracker, will travel!


Contract Measurement:

  • Dimensional metrology
  • Part inspection
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Verification
  • Tool setting
  • 3D cad modeling
  • Reverse engineering
  • Nadcap accredited measurement

CNC Machine Services and Calibration:

  • Machine building
  • Machine alignment
  • Bed setting
  • CNC machine compensation
  • Machine tool error mapping

Metrology Equipment and Laser Tracker Rentals:

  • Laser tracker rentals
  • SMR nests and FRS monuments

Metrology Engineering:

  • Integrated automated metrology solutions
  • Metrology automation
  • Simulation and Uncertainty analysis with USMN
  • Control network/foundation reference system design, installation, and valuation

Consulting and Training:

  • Metrology Consulting
  • Nadcap Accreditation consulting
  • Laser tracker training—basic operations, Nadcap or customizable
  • Spatial Analyzer training


  • ISO 9001+AS9100 aerospace standard Registered
  • Nadcap accredited:
    • AC7130A — Measurement & Inspection (M&I)
    • AC7130/1A — M&I — Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
    • AC7130/2 — M&I — Laser Tracker
    • AC7130/3 — M&I — Articulating Arm
  • Experienced metrology technicians
  • Experienced degreed engineers available
  • Metrology lead with MA in Quality Management
  • CMS Level 1 certified 3d metrologist on staff

Metrology Software

  • Polyworks
  • Spatial Analyzer
  • Verisurf
  • Operation Commander (Task Execution Software)

Custom Engineered Solutions

Need a custom integrated solution? We can design your custom machines and write the code for an integrated metrology solution.

Contact: 425-293-0767