Satellite Dolly

Assembly and Test Fixtures

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Ergonomic Equipment Axis

Equipment Mobility

Battery Powered Capability

10 Ton Capacity Mobile Dolly

This 4-axis positioner facilitates ergonomic access for integration and testing operations. The payload can be positioned in any orientation and up to heights of 134 inches.

The fully extended payload horizontal position allows unobstructed access without need for additional platforms. In the payload vertical position, the interface plane is positioned at a convenient 46 inches above ground.

Boasting a drive steer system capable of omnidirectional motion, the fixture can be precisely maneuvered via the HMI, achieving highly complex motion. Affixed laser scanners will warn the operator of obstructions and prevent collisions.

  • Battery-powered integrated drive steers
  • Clean room compatible
  • Ergonomic

3-Axis Satellite Mobile Positioning and Assembly Fixture

The 3-axis positioner enables workers to easily access the payload, which can be positioned in any orientation (including upside down), from ground level. When vertical, the payload can be positioned as low as 42 inches off the ground and as high as 150 inches.

  • Holds payload in any orientation during assembly
  • Unobstructed access to the payload from all sides
  • Mobility accomplished with integrated air bearings and roller casters