E4000 Wing Panel Machines

Airbus A320

The patented E4000 is a vertical yoke rivet/bolt machine for wing panel assembly. In the E4000 the yoke moves in five axes. Due to the use of electromagnetic riveting (EMR) the yoke can install rivets into rigid fixture assemblies. This allows the yoke to run over the panel build and install all of the rivets and lock bolts. Splice fasteners are also installed. Hence all tack fasteners are eliminated.

The yoke is supported in the center of a split gantry. The yoke moves up and down 140" as well as +/-15 degrees in A and +/-15 degrees in B. The patent pending kinematic design allows the yoke to rotate precisely about the tool point. Rotary motion in B is activated by differential motion of the gantry halves in the X direction. Rotary motion in A is activated by differential motion of the two Y axes, one on each gantry half.

The gantry is capable of extremely accurate and practically unlimited travel in the X axis. This accuracy results from precision scales on both beds and electronic backlash control with dual drives for each gantry half. Precision scales are also utilized in the Y (vertical) axis. The heads on the yoke are equipped for the installation of both rivets and lock bolts in a range of grips lengths and diameters.

The E4000 is supported by the E4000 wing fixture which holds all of the components in position on form boards which rotate out of the way to provide the machine with access to all of the fasteners.