XAC E6000

ARJ 21

A new wing panel fastening machine, the E6000, has been designed with a focus on speed and reduced weight. The E6000 is the latest in Electroimpact’s line of Low-Voltage Electromagnetic Riveting (LVER) machines. The machine installs slug rivets at a rate of 16 per minute in a drill-upset-shave cycle. It is being built for a customer in Xi’an, China where it will fasten wing panels for the ARJ21 regional jet. The machine is built to accommodate slightly larger wing panels, in the size range of A320 and 737. Its configuration can be scaled to other panel sizes.

The E6000 was designed from the ground up as a fast riveter, with an emphasis on light weight and high speed. A unique kinematic arrangement of the independent, four-axis fastening heads allows full CNC control of head alignment without a connecting structure. Independent fastening heads are aligned through software control, eliminating the yoke structure which carries the heads on previous LVER machines. Cycle time improvements are achieved through high-speed process tools, short process tool travel to the work piece, and non-contact sensors.

Compared to previous LVER machines, the E6000’s light weight (70-80% weight reduction) and a new machine bed design significantly reduce foundation requirements. A custom CNC interface with mode-specific displays and controls helps the operator run the machine efficiently.