NPP Satellite in EI Fixture

Aerospace Ground Support Equipment

In February of 2003, Electroimpact acquired various Satellite Tooling technologies from MCE Technologies (which had previously purchased the machine and technology group from Nicholson Manufacturing). Electroimpact has now taken-on the full design and manufacturing capabilities previously held by MCE Technologies.

The majority of these devices are built as special-order one-off units that are designed to a specific customer's specifications. However, when designing these units, Electroimpact is able to draw upon our incredible pool of engineering talent. This provides us with a tremendous advantage when designing any new satellite tooling.

Through this acquisition, Electroimpact has officially entered into the aerospace arena, and has become a manufacturer of satellite fixtures, containers, and trailers, and all other forms of satellite tooling. This merger has been an excellent fit for Electroimpact since we have been able to leverage our many years of aircraft tooling expertise to our advantage in a new field.

From building a panel in a clean room to moving a spacecraft around the world, Electroimpact can provide a multitude of GSE solutions.


  • Satellite and panel assembly/rotation fixtures
  • Satellite Transporters
  • Specialized lifting equipment
  • Mass simulators